action plan development strategy

Action plan is a list of actions and plans in order to achieve the business objectives. Business owners can easily get confused between To Do lists and an Action Plan. From certain point of views, they have similar objectives. You may often have many to do lists and they are really difficult to monitor and follow.

Also, it’s quite difficult to monitor and see whether they’re making any difference. In any case, after the completion of one list you need to begin with another one. Therefore, it becomes a vicious circle. Also, you need to delete, alter, and create certain tasks. A to-do list is fine and it serves its purpose. However, it’s definitely not an action plan. It’s basically an activity. It’s the means by which you can keep tabs on various tasks. On the other hand, business action plan, say for the next product or service launch of your business, is definitely more strategic.

What are the Steps in Sales Action Plan?

You may consider the sales action plan as the stepping stones for increasing business sales. You need to move and follow the consecutive steps towards success. To develop an effective action plan, you should follow a framework.

First Step: Identify the top customers

You must consider the 80-20 rule. Generally most of the freelance work, contracts, and sales come from the 20 percent customers. Therefore, you should shortlist the top customers and aim to provide superior services to them. You may build up a long-working relationship with the clients after they know you little better. You may help the clients with other projects or works.

Second Step: Identify the top prospects

In this step, you should identify the prospective clients with whom you would work. Those business owners, who run their business, shouldn’t get trapped into spreading the net too wide. Don’t try to dilute your efforts. You’ll get fewer results, if you try to expand into other areas and don’t focus on your strengths. You should focus on the areas where real business opportunities can be generated. The micro-niches which are under-served should also be considered. The sectors where more value could be added should be identified.

Third Step: Identify the top team members

For achieving this, a strong team is required. In a business, there’re few committed team workers on whom you can rely. While writing the action plan, you need to consider these top team members. It’s really essential to employ the right people. Without the help of a proper team your services or products won’t work, no matter how great they are.

Fourth Step: Create the plan of attack

In this step, you should work out a concise plan that can be easily followed. Don’t devise a complicated that requires you to teach others how it works. You may telephone, call, email, or visit the customers individually on any day. You should identify whom you’ll contact on each day and create the schedule accordingly.

Fifth Step: Publicity should be generated

You shouldn’t feel shy about publicizing yourself. You may generate publicity, for example,You may join the online business networks, create Facebook business pages, use webinars, etc. or you may through offline Publicity, You can sponsor an event, join events of chamber of commerce, run training courses, etc.

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